New York (football) Giants 2022 Season Preview

The New York Giants most impressive offseason was highlighted by a stellar first night at the draft, and the addition of three well known coordinators to the coaching staff. Still a middle-of-the-pack team with a dud QB, expect what you’d expect from the G-Men in 2022.

Divisional Round Parlay

Bengals @ Titans UNDER 47.549ers (ML) @ PackersRams @ Buccaneers OVER 47.5Bills @ Chiefs OVER 54.5+1944. Saturday’s action kicks off in Tennessee where King Derrick Henry makes his long awaited return. He downplayed the fact that he had a metal plate surgically added to his foot to expedite his time off, but regardless of aContinue reading “Divisional Round Parlay”

The Gang Has an Outbreak

Week 15 is chalk full of high level competition across the league. Playoff implications are riddled throughout the schedule, but an unexpected wrench has been thrown into the plan. Since Monday, there have been 75 players to test positive for COVID-19 and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. What will be interestingContinue reading “The Gang Has an Outbreak”