Divisional Round Parlay

Bengals @ Titans UNDER 47.5
49ers (ML) @ Packers
Rams @ Buccaneers OVER 47.5
Bills @ Chiefs OVER 54.5

Saturday’s action kicks off in Tennessee where King Derrick Henry makes his long awaited return. He downplayed the fact that he had a metal plate surgically added to his foot to expedite his time off, but regardless of a slight semblance to Frankenstein, he’s back. That fact will dictate this football game, and unfortunately will lead to the Bengals demise. Cinci is riding an incredible high right now coming off of their first playoff victory in 30 years, and while the Joe Burrow led offense was electrifying down the stretch, it won’t have the gusto to overcome this Titans team. The playoff resume in Tennessee has become rather polished over the past five years, and considering the best running back in football is back in their midst, it appears their prowess and experience will lead them to host the AFC Championship. However, I couldn’t bring myself to nix the Bengals and bet against them outright. This under 47.5 will allow Burrow to show some flare, and put up a fight, but in the end, the Titans will dominate the clock and momentum.
24-17 Titans.
Favorite prop: Derrick Henry anytime TD & Titans winning margin 7-12 (+600)


The San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers go head-to-head on Saturday night in their first playoff game against one another since the 2020 NFC Championship. The history runs deep, as this is the ninth all-time playoff matchup between the two storied franchises. Although SF has the edge of late, the playoff record is evenly split at four victories a piece. With completely intended disrespect to the MVP favorite, Aaron Rodgers, taking the Niners moneyline (+200) is the easiest decision of the year.

To quote the legendary Andre 3000, “alright, now fella’s, what’s cooler than being cool?” In 2003, you’d have heard, “ICE COLD!” in response. In 2022, the correct answer is Deebo’s chain. He continues, “Okay, now ladies! Let me break this thang down for just a few seconds.” Back then, he wanted to see the ladies on their baddest behavior. Today, he’s just breaking down the fact that the 49ers are the hottest thing in the club. He doesn’t wanna meet yo momma. He just wants to make some moolah.

Love it or hate it, the 49ers have mad Hey Ya! energy, and I needed to make things clear. Bet the Niners, believe the Niners, be a Niner (as in, strike some gold, baby).
27-24 49ers.
Favorite prop: Deebo Samuel anytime TD scorer & 49ers winning margin 1-6 (+750)


The Rams head to Tampa Bay to kick off the Sunday slate, and I just hope both teams have fun. The nature of this beast, two top ten(ish) defenses on the field, explains Vegas’ somewhat low total of 47.5. Sure, both defenses could stunt scoring, and yes, we’ve seen what overwhelming strength lives on either side. However, Tom Brady and company vs Matt Stafford and Cooper Kupp’s all-time season? Odell Beckham Jr. is revived? Playoff Lenny is healthy? There is going to be points, and we only need 48 of them. Three touchdowns and a field goal per side and then they can figure it out. I don’t really care who wins here, you heard what I said about the Niners.
30-23 Buccaneers.
Favorite prop: Anytime TD scorers: Kupp, Fournette, and Higbee (+900)


The divisional round wraps up with the game of the year. The stage is set for a rematch of last years AFC Championship game between the Chiefs and Bills. If the parlay makes it here, we’re all winners. This game is the blueprint to a good time, and you’ve really got to nitpick to find anything to complain about. It is the first time that teams are meeting in the playoffs after scoring 40+ points in the previous round, and there are unlimited intangibles in terms of desire for both sides. The Chiefs are hungry to avenge last years Super Bowl loss, and the Bills have finally broken free of the Patriots chains which have suppressed them for the past 20 years. If the Bills are to find the promise land, they’ll need to stick a fork in the Chiefs developing dynasty and emerge as the new top dog in the AFC. So much to root for, so much to be excited about, and that is why I’m taking this over. In a year where both of these teams delivered the fireworks week in and week out, only Scrooge McDuck would cheer for the under. Monster Chiefs vs Rams 2018 Monday Night Football vibes; all-time shootout loading.
33-35 Chiefs.
Favorite prop: Blake Bell anytime touchdown scorer (+800)

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