Week 11 Parlay

49ers -6.5 @ Jaguars

Dolphins @ Jets (ML)

Packers @ Vikings OVER 47

Bengals @ Raiders -2.5

Cardinals @ Seahawks (ML)

Steelers +5.5 @ Chargers

San Francisco is coming off of a massive upset win against the former NFC West leading Rams and will carry that momentum into a bullish victory over a woeful Jacksonville. The Jags defense has hovered around the 26th to 29th position in league rankings all year, and with the Niners offense — although spotty — seeming to hit a stride last week, I’m expecting this to be the most lopsided score in the early games.

Jets moneyline over the Dolphins +150 in the 2021 WhoGivesaDamn Bowl, brought to you by the 2 and 4 seeds in the tournament for the top pick in next years draft. Joe Flacco is getting the nod from Saleh on Sunday, and although he likely gives them the best shot at winning, I feel like this decision was made in order to allow for the rest of the offense to play a little. Zach Wilson and Mike White have combined for 17 interceptions and just 9 touchdowns as the hurlers through the first 10 weeks. Even with Flacco being far closer to expired than ripe, he is a proven game manager and can give much more quality looks to the rest off the skill players. Additionally, I like taking the dog here because I am all the way out on Tua and Miami.

🚨 Packers and Vikings over 47 is the MONEY IN THE BANK game of the week. 🚨 Or, in other words, don’t make this bet. I am 0-for-all of em in my over bets this year… but this one… this one is different. Green Bay is coming off of an ugly win where the offense appeared to be out of sorts for about 45 minutes of football, and my imagination leads me to believe Rodgers has intentions to remind everyone of the warpath he is on this year. Asserting the green and gold’s dominance in the NFC North, and digging in for a strong push towards the 1 seed down the stretch. However, this win won’t come quietly. The Vikes continue to compete every week no matter what, and if the Packers offense is clicking, you can rest assured that Kirk Cousins will be taking shots to Jefferson and Theilen all day. Please, football gods… if you can hear this… shine your light upon the Great White North. Give the people what they want!

Bengals visit the Raiders this week and it’s a huge deal for everyone involved. The Bengals kinda peaked when they whooped the Ravens in week 7 and have not-so-steadily returned to earth since. The Raiders, who were walking on air through 9 weeks atop the AFC West, kinda got exposed by the Chiefs last week. This has forced both teams into a sticky situation and left them with a lot to prove. Whoever wins this one remains ultra competitive in the playoff picture, and whoever loses is headed down a slippery slope. I have more faith in LV to make a statement, primarily because that front four is feeling starved after Kansas City’s offensive line all but eliminated their pass rush last Sunday night. Bad news for Joe Burrow… The last time I was this nervous for someone from Cincinnati was when I saw a guy enter that weirdo spaghetti dish in a Texas chili cook off.

Seahawks moneyline is +106 against the Cardinals. I know that Seattle is inferior to Arizona, but the Cards are beat to hell and Russ has got a fire under his ass this week. AZ is without No.1 receiver Deandre Hopkins for the third straight week, RB2 Chase Edmonds for the second week, and Kyler Murray is questionable again. Russel Wilson got shut out for the first time in his career by the Packers D last week. Don’t let what that means to a competitor like him slip by you. I love this bet. Seattle straight-up. Seattle by a safe margin. Start Tyler Lockett in fantasy this week.

Steelers +5.5 in prime time at everybody’s second home field against a wobbly Chargers team. Big Ben making a speedy return off the COVID list is awesome for that offense, which was abysmal in his absence last week in their tie with Detroit. The defense will sorely miss TJ Watt, but I have all the faith in the world that Pittsburgh is tough enough to cover that number and maybe even win outright. I wouldn’t quite say the Chargers are toast… But actually, never mind. The Chargers are toast.

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