Week 4 Parlay

Kansas City -7.5 @ Philipelphia

Houston +16.5 @ Buffalo

Carolina +4.5 @ Dallas

Arizona @ Los Angeles Rams OVER 54.5

Baltimore +1 @ Denver

Tampa Bay -7 @ New England

I am on record calling for an Eagles finish atop the NFC East and am eating those words. After being absolutely mauled by Dallas in their first match of the year, the ship of my Philly prediction sailed. Amid a rebuild, the team shows some flashes of potential, but let’s call a spade a spade and reset sights for 2022. Kansas City at 1-2 is still a championship contender and is due for its breakout ass-kicking of the year. Push their 0-3 start to the year ATS to the back of your mind. Chiefs by a million.

Rumor has it that the city of Houston is in the process of rebranding their home team from the “Texans” to the “Cover Machine.” +13.5 was too many points in week two, and until they let me down, I will ride this Texans train against the spread. Granted, week two was against a Browns team that doesn’t have the same explosive potential that the Bills do, and Houston is still not good, but once again, this is just too many points to pass up.

Carolina +4.5 in Dallas. The Panthers 3-0 is similar to the Broncos 3-0 in that their competition to this point is a combined 3-6 (still tougher than Denver’s road to this point). However, I think this team is for real and will reappear in the playoffs this year for the first time since 2017. Dallas at home is going to score points, but expect a far more competitive response from Carolina than we most recently saw from Philly. Without the golden child (Christian McCaffrey) in the mix today, I am envisioning a true breakout party for Sam Darnold and Panthers receivers. Robby Anderson is a “start-em” in fantasy for me this week.

Betting the over has been tough this year. Picking the one low game in the afternoon/evening slate has become a trend, but this NFC West matchup between the Rams and Cardinals is poised to be an electric rivalry moving forward. Two crafty quarterbacks surrounded by ++ weapons and two tough defenses already leaving their mark all over this season… Expect lots of improv and home run balls. 54.5 is a big one, but it wraps up at 31-36 in favor of the Rams in LA.

Ravens @ Broncos. This is a put up or shut up game for me, personally. I have drug Denver through the mud for this 3-0 run they are on against absolute shells of NFL football teams. However, I do have one nice thing to say for Broncos faithful: this team has taken care of business. The defense is back to classic shape, and they SHOULD be 3-0. They are also perfect ATS in this stretch against some pretty big numbers, so props, Denver. This could be a hellish afternoon for Lamar, but I think he skates around Mile High for two rushing TD’s and takes advantage of the thin air for some deep connections with Marquise Brown. Too fast of a pace for Teddy Bridgewater to keep up with, the Ravens win by 7.

Tom Brady marches into the old stomping grounds today, shows the young buck how it’s done, gives Bill a purple nurple instead of a handshake post game and leads the Bucs back down the coast at the bow of the ship after the pillage and plunder of New England. Bucs -7. MONEY IN THE BANK.

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