Week 2 Parlay

Texans (+13) @ Browns

Broncos (-5.5) @ Jaguars

Bears (-2.5) VS Bengals

Panthers (+3.5) vs Saints

Cowboys @ Chargers OVER 54.5

Chiefs (-3.5) @ Ravens

Houston spent the entire off-season being drug through the mud, and everyone expected the absence of Deshawn Watson to decimate their chances. I am NOT saying they are good, but they are still in the NFL, and 13 points is too many. Especially considering the way Cleveland likes to slow things down with that running game. I believe the Texans can score today, and if they can, they will cover two touchdowns.

Remember 2015, when the Broncos had the best defense on the planet? Shades of old have emerged, and I expect that Urban and Trevor will struggle mightily to find the promise land this afternoon.

I like the Bears here for one reason: I don’t think they will lose every game this year. This is one they can put in the win column early against a young group in Cincinnati. BEWARE CHICAGO FANS: Nagy will highlight Andy Dalton’s “veteran presence” post-game today, and Justin Fields will remain on the back burner.

Panthers are more than a field goal dog at home today, and I have two thoughts: Firstly, a Carolina team led by a healthy CMC commands more respect than that, and secondly, I am not bought all the way into the Saints. Aaron Rodgers spoke about a bit of an entitlement perspective in the locker room post bludgeoning in their season opener against New Orleans, and I do believe that was a wake-up call for them. If today were a grudge match between the Saints and Packers, I’d put the farm on the Pack. Panthers cover this one at home.

Cowboys at Chargers. This one lives up to its potential and the fireworks will be must see TV in the afternoon slate. 27-31 in favor of the Chargers – HAMMER IT!

Round two for the Chiefs and Ravens in the Sunday night spotlight will be a disappointment for the national audience, and a reminder to all that the AFC runs through Kansas City. I stand by that even if the Ravens aren’t beat to hell and could bring their A-game. Often times, I stray away from betting the Chiefs as a fan because the game is stress enough for me with no money on the line. However, this is the MONEY IN THE BANK game of the week for me. Baltimore was wildly under-impressive last Monday night in Vegas. It was a great game, no doubt, but was played by two not-so-great teams. Don’t overthink this one. The Chiefs are poised for greatness yet again, so remember: good teams win, and great teams cover. KC by more than a touchdown.

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