Week 1 -TNF


Mere minutes had passed following the first autumn breeze of the year and Tom Brady stripped Cowboys fans of their hope and robbed the crypt keeper once again leading a game-winning drive in the final ninety seconds of the seasons Thursday night opener.

As last years frustrations and shortcomings roll into yet another new season for Dallas faithful, there is a silver lining. Significant dogs (+8.5) against the reigning Super Bowl champions in week one, the Cowboys fell to 0-1 overall, but improved to 1-0 against the spread.

The NFC East is poised to be near the top of the league for overall divisional competition, and hanging with the Bucs should offer solace to weary Cowboys fans. Dak looked stellar, the defense was able to force three turnovers against the GOAT, and special teams stepped up in the big moment with Zuerlein correcting his early struggles and giving them a lead with less than two minutes in regulation. Dallas should fit right into a tight division race this year if they play to their competition like they did Thursday. If they do – they will be a safe bet against the spread all year.

On the other side of the coin, the Buccaneers are still tough. With the immortal at the helm, that offense can do seemingly no wrong (although Mike Evan’s and Chris Godwin both registered multiple drops). When the slick camera work from above the field zooms in on Tom to bring that glare (you know what I’m talking about) into your living room, there is no escape. Just buckle up and try to peak through your fingertips every once in awhile, because it is pure magic.

Additionally, the defense looked every bit as mean as it did beating up the Chiefs in SBLV. Against the high octane offensive Dallas attack, they were still very prevalent in the box and managed tempo. Being the reigning and defending champions their regular season schedule is the most stacked with competition, but expect them to improve against the spread as the season progresses. That is (until further notice) the baddest front seven in football, and they will certainly slow even the best offenses in the league this year.

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